PHOTOMETERS Photometer For HEPA Filter Testing
TOC Analysers Pharmaceuticals, Semiconductor, Power, Other
Microbiological Air Samplers To measure the microorganisms in
Cleanrooms and sterile environments
DI Water Fogger For air flow pattern studies in Cleanrooms
Aerosol Generators For HEPA Filter Testing
Airborne Particle Counters For Cleanroom Monitoring.
Remote Particle Counter For Cleanroom Monitoring.
Handheld Particle Counter For Cleanroom Monitoring.
Liquid Particle Counters For particle counting in injectables.

Introducing the advanced Norda DP-30 Aerosol Photometer for testing HEPA filters


Norda PHOTOMETERS have been testing manufactured and installed HEPA and ULPA filters around the world for many years.
This photometer is packed with many advanced features you might need to test, record and print the results of your Filter Testing, strengthening your compliance to ISO 14644-3 and all other global cleanroom, containment system, and filter manufacturers Standards.

Introducing the advanced Honri model CLJ-B1030 100 LPM particle counter for testing Cleanrooms


The Model CLJ-B1030 is the latest particle counter from Honri Airclean with a flow rate of 100 LPM. It has a user-friendly interface and a high-resolution colour touch screen that is very easy to use. It is enclosed in a stainless steel casing. It counts particles in 8 size ranges simultaneously. It is battery oprated and very portable. It has a built-in printer.